I’m Diana, from Constanța,

Join me for a session of deep, hot, caressing touches, that will lead you to sensual world of erotic massage, with passion, voluptuosly stimulating sensations…

How do I look? Have a glance and let me know… How am I…? Come and find out…
If you want to hear my voice, please don’t call me with a concealed caller ID. My place is clean, cosy and discreet.

If you want to meet me please call me at least 2-3h in advance, thanks for being a good boy 🙂

Call me or leave me a message.

Contact me

Appointments are to be made preferably 5-6 hours before or 1-2 days to secure your session, by text or phone 1-2 hours before the desired encounter.

(+40) 763742118 d@masajeroticdiana.ro